It started with a better lunch box

It started with a lunch box, but not just any lunch box, one that was made from safe and easily recycled materials, ethically sourced, encouraged sustainability and litter-free lunching, and was created to relieve some of the pain points families were experiencing based on the products currently available in the marketplace. But then, I thought...

"Being a Do Good business - things like ethical manufacturing and supply chain, making essential, quality products that are safe and not harmful to the people who use them, make them, or the planet we all share -- this should be the baseline for how we ALL do business in the 21st century.

I knew, we had more to offer...that's when I was introduced to Kelli - an extremely giving and educated woman who had dedicated her entire career to non profit work.  It was in conversations with Kelli that I learned that nearly 70MILLION children were not attending school daily because of barriers such as extreme hunger - which lead to the inability to focus and concentrate in the classroom. 

Growing up the youngest of five children, education and athletics were ingrained into our DNA - we played sports and were expected to attend and do well in the classroom.  My parents believed that athletics and education would lead to opportunities for their children - and they did!

I knew that the vision my parents had for my siblings and I growing up was part of my story and I needed to share it as part of my journey as an entrepreneur.  As a mom of two girls, I whole heartedly believe each and every child, near and far, should have an equal opportunity to leave a positive, lasting impact on the world, moving it forward with purpose for all people and the planet.  Educating our youth is the way to break the cycle of generational poverty for families and communities.

On behalf of my small but oh so mighty team at The Good Kiind, we are proud and honored to be partnering with our global giving family at Mary's Meals to help remove the barriers preventing any child, near and far, from attending school - it is our goal to get these children off the streets, into the classroom to they have the opportunity to make a better life for themselves, their communities, and ultimately making the world a better place, for us all. 

- Courtney Stewart