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Built To LAST™

Our FDA Approved, food grade stainless steel lunch kits were designed to allow for a variety of food options and most importantly, they were Built To Last™ for as long as your kid is going to school! Replacing lunch containers year after year, is a thing of the past! At The Good Kiind our motto is

"buy less, choose well, and make it last."

simplify your mornings

parents pack 190+ school lunches a year (per kiddo)

not just 'any' lunch box will do!

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The Snacker™ The Explorer™ Insulated Food Jar Square Container Set (3pk) Rectangular Container Set

Built Kid Tough™

Lunch Kits + Accessories

whether you're packing school lunches, running errands with your toddler, or looking for a plastic-free container for your kiddos snacks, we've got you covered. For kids 3+

Lunch Box Collection Accessories
The Good Kiind lunch boxes are dishwasher safe, made of premium 304 food grade stainless steel.  Dishwasher safe lunchbox for kids.
Non Toxic lunch box for kids.  FDA approved food grade stainless steel. NO plastic.  Safe lunch box for food contact.
Leak-resistant lunch box for kids.  Leak-proof lunch box for kids that is stainless steel and has compartments.