No Plastic. No Chemicals. No Leaks.  Stainless Steel Bento Lunch Box with Silicone Lining.

The last lunchbox you'll buy!

built to last a lifetime

No Plastic. No Chemicals.

Our leakproof, plastic-free, indestructible lunchbox, keeps food separate and fresh, so you and your family can still eat well, on-the-go...good for you and the planet.

Reduce Waste
Eco Friendly and Sustainable
Premium Materials

pack a lunch - simply!

attached lid design will save your time + your sanity

I've been there. It's 7am and your sifting through the drawers searching for the lid to fit your plastic lunch container. Somehow, it's gone missing. Somehow, the lid drawer has multiplied, yet the one lid you need is gone! You've lost your last lid!

Stainless Steel Large Bento Compartment Lunch Box with Leak Free Silicone Lid
No Plastic and Eco Friendly
Premium Quality Materials. Made using 304 food grade stainless steel and approved for food contact
Five seperate compartments to keep food separate and fresh
Premium Quality Leak Proof Silicone Seal
Stainless Steel Containers with Leak Proof Silicone Lids included with each lunch box
Big Stainless Steel Container with Leak Proof Silicone Lid
Small Stainless Steel Container with Leak Proof Silicone Lid for dips and sauces
No Plastic, No Lead, No PVC, NO BPA, No Toxins
100% safe for your family and the planet
positive product review
Packing Lunches Has Never Been So Fun
Balanced and Healthy Lunches
Minimal, Simple, Functional, and Practical
Completely Dishwasher Safe and Easy to Clean
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
Product Specifications
Stainless Steel BIG Lunch Box Dimensions
Stainless Steel Big and Small Side Containers Product Dimensions

The B.I.G Lunch Box - Premium Stainless Steel

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