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Best lunch kits ever!!

I can't say enough about my new good kiind lunch kits for my kids! We were using smaller bento boxes before, and they were always coming home hungry from school. With the good kiind, I feel confident they are getting enough food during their busy days. I love the separate compartments, and I absolutely love the smallest one, that I use to provide a small dessert, along with their healthy lunch. Thank you for making such an amazing product!!


Perfect for those pizza days at school when you don’t need to pack a lunch, or just on the go snacks. Very durable, I love how it feels so secure with opening and closing.

The lunch box we’ve been searching for!

So well made! Durable and every compartment won’t leak into the next! Easy for little fingers to open and close. It’s a hit!

Best Lunch Box

Bought this lunch box for my son and he loves it. Would recommend this to any one who is looking for a good lunch box

So sturdy. It’s the only stainless lunch container product that’s lasted through the entire school year! No signs of wear so this is our second one for our next little!

Just what I've been looking for!

Been on the hunt for a lunch box that is plastic free and this is it! I'm so glad we invested in this lunch box that is functional, aesthetically pleasing, and durable. My only drawback would be that it's a little difficult for my toddler to open the latch, but I'm sure she'll get the hang of it soon.


Amazing box and perfect size!

Happy with it

Happy with the container to date- kids can open it easily at school, and it has kept inevitable spills from them inside the container and not in their backpacks. Easy to wash. Love that there are multiple compartments (not just 2 or 3).

Game changer!

These have been a game changer for our family. Easy to pack, food doesn’t get wasted and they are perfect for all ages! We have way less food waste because everything stays dry and they eat more! I think I have already saved the price of this lunchbox with not throwing out food! Win -win for everyone!

Amazing and durable product!!

Love it!!!

I bought the snacker for my son but started using it for my lunches! The durability is unmatched by any other lunch boxes out there and I love that there is no plastic. Not only is the product so worth it (as is every other product I’ve bought from them) but the owner and what she stands for is amazing! If you’re hesitant, this is your sign to buy it. You won’t regret it.


Been looking for a stainless steel Bento style box for a while and this for the bill amazingly. Love how park proof it is and how easy it is to clean

Love it!

Love the look and how easy it is to clean! The corners are rounded so nothing gets stuck and it’s super sturdy but one of the bottom corners got dented when my son dropped it once :(

I love the snacker size but wish that the left side compartment was split in half so it has 3 compartments instead of just 2.

Overall size, sturdiness, look and washability is amazing and I plan to eventually buy the larger size but I really wish there was an in between size ;)

Insulated Food Jar
Sid Bertrand

I have honestly been searching for a 100% plastic free hot food container for YEARS! Everything has plastic lids and I never felt comfortable with my kids hot soup steaming off the lid (inside the container and into the food they were eating). I am not a toxic expert but that was a NO for me. Plus, id always end up throwing out the nasty plastic lids because they were impossible to clean and just became gross overtime. The container is 100% plastic free - includes a spork and has a back up silicone ring (so smart). I bought 4 with 4 snacker boxes because my kids like hot lunch with a bunch of snacks - it was the perfect combination. Been using the snackers for 3 years and they are perfect still. Worth every penny.

A Quality Product

So far so good. My preschooler has been using the explorer for a week now and it has delivered on expectations. It took my 3year old 4 or 5 times of trying to open and shut the Explorer until she had mastered it. We use the Jan and Jul lunch bag and the Explorer 2.0 fits perfectly with tons of room to spare on top.
We did encounter the silicon insert falling out on the first use but it has stayed in place since. It lives up to its leak proof promise which was my #1 reason in chosing this kit.

Not just for kids!

I initially bought this for my kids, but I liked it so much that I started using it. It's been over a year, and this lunch box has held up beautifully. Not only that, I've saved so much money since I enjoy packing and eating my lunch so much now! Highly recommend.

Great lunch bag!

My bag has held up beautifully after over a year of holding my lunch! Highly recommend.

The Explorer™

I love everything about this. I actually use this and the smaller one for work. We have 3 more that my son and husband also use. Great for a day out. Perfect for school my son has no issues opening and closing. He's 4.

My son had a little trouble removing the lid. Otherwise container works well. Spork could be a bit longer.

Perfect size. Love them. Lids stay on, yogurt did not leak.


Worth the wait! Great quality and very excited to pack my littles lunch everyday!


Could not wait for this to arrive and it did not disappoint! Great quality!!

Great product

Great size for my son’s tiny hands. Keeps food warm and the spork is perfect!