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Amazing quality but a bit too pricey

Exactly what I was expecting! No plastic, no leaks, easy to use for the little ones, extra durable, easy to wash. Worth the investment!

GIFT with Purchase: Silicone Snack Bags

I like em

Ice Pack

Ice is a nice size for lunch bags and keeps the kids food cool for both food breaks.

This has been a game changer for our kids lunches. Easy to pack and see what they have with only one container. I do find the silicone seal can be temperamental at times. One container closes perfectly every time and the other needs some finesse at times. Not all the time maybe 1 out of 10. This could also be a me problem, have only been using using them for a month. Still love them and recommend them!

The Explorer™ 2.0
Lindsay and Blake Angier

Best lunch box ever. Perfect for kids who won't eat a full meal of one thing. Helps parents give a variety of organized foods. We love it!

Perfect size for school lunches

Perfect size for school lunches

Perfect size for school lunches

Ice Pack

Great quality & stays cold the whole school day

Worth it!

This lunch box deliveries on all promises. It is fun to pack and a great way to make a healthy lunch more interesting for little ones. I'll be buying two more to make our weekly rotation even easier.

Ice Pack
Jennifer F
Nice product

Washes well, looks great with the lunch boxes and is nice and thin for lunch bags! Stays cold for the day and doesn’t contain any chemicals like other ice packs. Definitely a nice addition to our good kiind family products!

The Explorer™ 2.0
Stephanie M.

Love these. My son uses it for kindergarten and I use one for lunch. Love that you can put yogurt in it and it doesn't spill. Also love that your fruits don't taste like whatever other food you have in there.

The Snacker™2.0
Amy Berger
Pre school perfection

The only stainless product that is truly leak proof! Easy for little hands to open and fits all my needs for snack time.
We have this and the larger size. Both are the best investment for food transport.

Lunch Bags
Amy Berger
Perfect little lunch bag

Drawn to the non toxic qualities. Loving everything about this bag. Daily use and it’s holding up great.

This company maybe not be ethical

I made an order that expect to be arriving within a week. Then I got an email alert that it will be deliver is delayed for one more week. Then today, 2 days after supposedly arriving date I got a new email pushing the shipping another week.

School started. At this point I have to find alternative. Spent $200 for this. Will not be purchasing this company again.

As far as a products I can’t comment because I haven’t gotten them after almost a month.

Hello Charlotte,
Thanks for your review and our sincerest apologies for the delay in your receiving your shipment. While working with UPS has been a wonderful experience, delays do occur, which are out of our control. I did just look at your tracking and it appears your order should be delivered by Monday 9/11. If you do not receive it, please email us and we will reach out to our account team at UPS to determine it's whereabouts.

Again, our apologies for the UPS shipping delay and if you need anything further, our customer service team is always available to help at

Have a good kiind of day :)

The Snacker™2.0
maryhelen lindsay

Not o ly does my son use it for lunch but I also use it for my lunch at work. A MUST have ❤️

We love these! Have had the same two for two years! We just upgraded to purple silicone :)

The Explorer™ 2.0
Aolani Ennis
Expensive but worth it!

It is crazy expensive but it is quality and doesn’t leak! It’s really an amazing product!

The best mini lunchbox ever!

Everything I loved about the explorer but in mini version. Sometimes all my daughter needs is a snack and this is the perfect size. Heck! I want this for myself too. The included containers gives you even more options to customize and I truly appreciate how well thought out this product is. From the simplicity of the design, to the quality of materials, durability, and ease of cleaning. I expect we will be using this for years; it's excellent!

The best lunchbox ever!

Everything just looks better when things are separated into little compartments. My daughter loves options! The latch is super easy for my 3yo to open/close so she won't have any problems at school lunch next year. I've used salsa, yogurt, and honey directly in the compartments and NO spillage unlike other stainless steel options that just mean spill-resistant. It keeps super cold with an ice pack, even on a long summer hike; our veggies stay crisp and our sandwiches didn't get soggy. Cleans so well- and I'm really sensitive to lingering soap and food smells which made me weary of plastic bento boxes. With silicone I make sure to air dry by a window. I truly appreciate the fact that I can separate and get every crevice! This thing is thoughtfully designed and everything I wanted.

Perfect size and compartments. So pleased with the quality. Customer for life!

Amazing Lunch Box & Spectacular Customer Service

This was our first time ordering a Good Kiind lunchbox and I was super excited to try them based on the great reviews. It did not disappoint! The quality is superior to any lunchbox out there. There was a hiccup with shipping but Sam in customer service was quickly on the case and so helpful and kind. Even with the snafu, the lunchbox arrived in time for the first day of school. Highly recommend and will definitely order more from this awesome company.

The Snacker™2.0
Chacha Miller
Perfect size and great quality!

The snacker is the perfect size for little hands and little tummies! It is great for on the go and you can tell the quality is excellent.