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Ice Pack
Love it!

I ordered two of these ice packs and I love them! I love how compact they are and how they don’t sweat. They fit great in my sons lunch box and he loves the cute designs. I will be ordering more in the future!

Snacker lunch box

My son is a huge snacker so this is perfect for him to use as we are always on the go.

Best Lunchbox!

How amazing to find a stainless steel lunchbox that fits the perfect amount of food for larger snack items or a smaller lunch and is truly leakproof. Packed cubed watermelon and a sandwich and my sandwich stayed dry!

Excellent sized lunch box

I appreciate that this has two big compartments instead of many tiny ones. Makes it much easier to pack lunches!

More for Me

First experience with the Mixed Scoops was part of the Explorer lunchbox. When I found myself sneaking these containers into my own lunch, I knew our family needed more. Perfect sizes. No leaks.

Built to Last

Having already purchased two of these lunchbox systems several year ago, this most recent purchase was a gift for a close friend.

These are quality lunchboxes that are built to last. We’ve had ours for several years, so I can attest to their durability. Even after hundreds of trips to and from school, they’ve held up well. The latch is in perfect working order, same with the silicone seal.

In addition to their quality, what I like about them most is ALL the compartments. Without even realizing it, I have found my children’s school lunches to contain a lot more variety than they once did, with each compartment full of fruits and vegetables and snacks of their choosing.

Amazing preschool/kindergarten/ adult!

We have 2 each of the small and large bentos and they’re amazing. Thank you!

I get the name now

So glad I followed the advice of another instagram user who posted about these in their stories. I had been using another bento box product but would often have lunches come back home because the parts spilled into each other. This set really is good! I have even dumped pasta and sauce in one and salad in another without issue. The extended depth also makes it easier to give different foods than the standard sandwich and chips. Thanks for helping me keep the variety in my kids lunches!

Best container ever!

My daughter adores this container! Easy to open and close. No plastic. Easy to wash.

Good idea, bad latch (UPDATED REVIEW)

UPDATE: So grateful to this company who reached out and found a solution to my problem. I just received a new (updated version) latch and we are back in business! One week in and we have had zero accidental openings of the lunchbox, which means zero soggy bread and zero complaints from my kid. The new latch changes this lunchbox from good in theory to AWESOME in reality. Kudos to The Good Kiind!

Original review*
This is good in theory (I love that the silicone seal is removable for washing and the size is great) but the latch is terrible and doesn’t stay closed securely - it gets bumped open in my kids lunchbox most days. I have taken the latch off multiple times to tighten it but it just seems like a bad design? The latch sticks up instead of down over the edge to grip into the groove. If there is anything else next to it (ice pack, snack container) and your kid moves like a kid it easily pushes open. I use an elastic band to try and keep it somewhat closed and minimize leaks but for this price I’m definitely disappointed.

Hey Lindsay,
Thank you for your honesty and I am very sorry that your experiencing these challenges with your latch. As I mentioned in our email to you, it can happen that a customer may receive a faulty latch. I do look forward to you trying to the new latch we just sent in the mail and letting us know how that works for you. At the end of the day, we are always here to ensure our customers are happy and confident with their lunch boxes.

Actually Leak Proof

Amazing quality! I was a little worried about the pricing at first, but after realizing how many containers be have bought and tossed due to quality issues, the price is no longer an issue at all. On the contrary, I much prefer these containers. Thank you for actual containers that don’t leak, that will last, and easy to clean!

Finally truly leak free containers

I am so relieved that your containers are truly leak free. When my son started school, I was really surprised at how many lunch containers, basically, all, claim to be durable and leak free, and unfortunately all disappoint.
I had bought some different kind of containers and then realized that the price of your lunchboxes makes sense considering how long they will last, and that it actually does its job. So I ordered the larger and smaller set. When my bundle of the Good Kind arrived, I looked them over. Just picking them up, you can tell they’re really great quality. I’m so excited to pack my son’s lunch nowadays and not have to worry about the kind of items I put in there, whether they will mix, or leak.
From one mom to another, I really appreciate you creating a product that is amazing quality and does as you advertise it to do!

Perfect Size!

Love this snacker lunch kit! It’s the perfect size for grade school snacks, and is even large enough to fit a whole lunch if your little one isn’t a big eater. My girls eat half their lunch at best everyday, and this size is great for a 1/2 sandwich and some carrot sticks! No wasted food :)

No Leaks!

Finally, I can stop packing little containers with dips and sauces because this lunch box lets me put it directly inside the compartments and there are no leaks! My girls love healthy pancakes for lunch with a side of maple syrup to dip in, and now I can pack it all in one container! Love this lunch kit!

Love this box!

Love all things thegoodkind! So happy I found this company, and can feel good about my kids lunchbox.

Must Have!!

These are the perfect sizes for snacks and dips. Easy to wash. Amazing quality! You can't go wrong and they will last a lifetime. I ordered more and the kids love them!

Spork (spoon + fork)
Jeanine Nakhle
Perfect !

I love the spork! Its durable and versatile. Only utensil your child of any age will need!

Lunch Bags
Jeanine Nakhle

I love these bags. They are amazing quality and you can fit everything you need inside. Highly recommend!

Great container

Love this container, extra silicon insert and love that our purchase is helping a kid in need!!


I love that this container is so sturdy, dishwasher safe, easy to clean and has extra silicone inserts. My daughter loves all the variety she gets with it.


Perfect sturdy lunch box with many compartments. Easy for my 4 year old to open and close. Love that they whole thing can go in the dishwasher.

The Best Ever!

After years of trying so many different types of lunch boxes these are the best ever! The customer service is the best ever, also! I highly recommend this company and all of their products. Perfection!


I have been looking for a safe and sustainable option, and I was so happy to find this! And to know it is Canadian made it extra especial :)

Good investment!

We are very happy with our purchase! We love the leakproof! Excelent quality

Just got our order and happy so far! Excited to try the Explorer lunch box out and thankful that the Good Kiind gives back to those in need.