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Amazing quality

I just received my lunch box and I am so impressed with the quality! My lunch box delivered quickly and I am so excited to start using these for my kids lunches!

Your last lunch box!!!

Trust me when I say this will be the last lunch box/bento box you’ll ever buy! I can go on and on about the B.I.G but I’ll try to make this quick!
- durable! Like your kids can beat this thing up, it’s gonna survive!
- no cheap plastic, no smells or staining!
- no leaking lunches, enough said!
- fits all the snacks!
- stainless steel makes for easy peeeezy cleaning!

Honest mom truth - I know the price point may seem scary but take advantage of their sales and/or discount codes to help cushion the blow and trust me you’ll never look back! :D 😀

Happy lunch making mommas and happy snacking babes! 🤍

Better quality silicone!

I previously used stasher - but after a couple years the bags were all ripping. I heard they thinned them out to cut costs. These bags are thick and will last, you just know it! The kids love them because they are small and perfect for an extra snack at the arena or on the bus ride home.

Perfect size snack sacks!

My kids absolutely love using these adorable little snack sacks!! I have changed the way a grocery shop now and look for less packaging so that I can use these bags, save some money and help the planet in the process!! Look no further - these snack sacks are the perfect size for all your kids needs!!

Just right!!

I have tried other lunch boxes but this one takes the cake!! It has the perfect sized compartments for all my kiddos needs. My kids vary in age from 3 to 8 and they absolutely love the variety in their lunches and the quantity you are able to fit in these amazing boxes!! Also really love that we are helping the planet and teaching this future generation how it’s done!! Love them!!

Awesome snack packs

Perfect for quick on the go snacks (easy for the kids to open and close). Or perfect for storing small food in the pantry. We love these snack packs!

Perfect for kids in school

I’ve been searching for a sustainable lunch box for my kids - easy to clean, and leakproof. This is it! An amazing product for the little ones as well as the older elementary students.

Lunchbox dream!

I had been looking for a new lunchbox for my kids for a while and I knew I wanted something made of safe materials for my littles but also not made of plastic. The BIG lunchbox is the perfect size for both my kindergartner and my pre-k boy, and it will match their needs when they grow older too.
I simply love everything about it, from the silicone trim to the Little Dipping container that fits perfectly inside, everything is just right!

So cute!

We love these snack packs! Perfect size for a healthy snack like veggies or fruits. Love the close on them, and the colour! Like my daughters say “they’re so aesthetic looking!”:)

Absolutely in love!

Over the years I’ve tried many different lunch boxes/containers etc for my kids and these have exceeded my expectation! The seal is amazing and nothing leaks! The compartments are perfect in size, and keeps cold snacks like yogurt cold! Great quality and cleans great in the dishwasher!!

Perfect Size for Kids

Love these snack bags. They are the perfect size for kids and I like that they do not take up too much space in my daughters lunch bag. They are also great for not leaking!

Great for lunches & the environment.

I am very impressed with this lunch box. It is made from sustainable material and great for the environment and provides ample space in each compartment for lunches. It seals perfectly and does not leak. Food is kept fresh and according to my daughter it is easy to open and close.
Overall it's a great lunch box that is made to last and super easy to clean.


The lunch container has it all: 5 compartments (all great sizes too) , SEPARATED so the food does nOt touch (important for my kids), and it even comes with these added containers with a silicone lid for each - great for sauces and dips! BUT the MOST important thing is that (well 2 things) it is PLASTIC FREE! Not a single drop of plastic - this is what Ive needed and 2. it's minimal so the kids won't outgrow it! It's really a no brainer for school lunches or even on the go eating! SMART.

Feels made to last

Yes, it is a bit heavy, but aren't all tough things? We love it so far. Have used it for dry and wet packing of food in the same container and the dry stuff stayed dry. Fit's in the dishwasher just fine. Looking forward to a lifetime of use from this lunchbox. I would be very interested in different shaped sections in the future.

Snack Sack (2pk)
Lori Dabrowski
Love them!

I just recently got my snack sacks. This is definitely the way to go, plus it makes me feel good owning sustainable sacks.


I'm so impressed with this lunchbox. I had never heard or seen it before, but I'm so glad I heard of this company that carries this lunchbox.

Love it!

Have used since the start of school and love that my kiddo can see everything she will have for lunch! Love that it is so durable and leak free.

Love em

Got a hand written note thanking us for our support. Got two very amazing lunch kits. Easy to clean, easy to use, perfect in every way. And two happy girls who love their lunches more now than before…even though the food is the same.

Snack Sack (2pk)
Sunshine Punzalan
Perfect Size and Great Quality

Love the snack packs. Top Quality material and love the colour

These are a must!!

My kids are such massive fans of Bento Boxes and have been using them for years! However the majority of the ones on the market are plastic so I was thrilled I stumbled over these. The quality is amazing, they are better for the planet and your health. But most of all, you only need to wash ONE container!!! My husband said buy 10 of them when he heard this - LOL!

Perfect lunch box

We just received our order. Could not be happier with the quality of the product. We decided to order after two weeks of trying to find all different sizes of Tupperware in my drawers that all fit together in our children’s lunch bags…not to mention all of the dishwashing every day. Cannot wait to use our B.I.G lunchboxes tomorrow!!

Amazing lunch box

This lunch box is amazing! We fill it every morning for our guy and he eats all of it. He’s almost 4 with a big appetite. The big compartment is large and deep enough for a bagel sandwich. The silicone seals in everything so that the juices from one fruit aren’t mixing into the goldfish and making them soggy. Everything stays crisp and fresh. Apple slices they don’t brown, that’s how amazing the seal is! Definitely worth it to BOGO as well, makes it easy for those that procrastinate dishes at night.

Highly recommended!


We are loving the B.I.G. Lunch Boxes! Lots of room for food, great layout and most of all the silicone seal keeps liquid in!

Amazing 😍

We just love them. Thank you


My Mornings are so exciting creating healthy nutritious meals for my Son!! I’m absolutely obsessed with the design and versatility, lunches have truly gotten an upgrade!
Thank you to The Good Kiind!
Just ordered another one for my husband!