Purpose Driven

At The Good Kiind, we believe every child, near and far, should have an equal opportunity to make the world a better place. Our mission is to remove the barriers preventing nearly 70 million children, around the world, from going to school --- as we believe 'education' to be a fundamental component to breaking cycles of poverty within families, leading to younger generations having the opportunity to build new found prosperity, and uplifting entire communities.
Together with our global giving partner, for every single product purchased, we provide daily meals - always a place of education - to children living in food insecure regions around the world. In doing this, we meet the immediate needs of hungry children, encouraging them to go to school daily for a nourishing meal while gaining an education and developing valuable social skills needed to break the cycle of generational poverty in their families.
Learn more about Mary's Meals and the non-profit organizations commitment to ending child hunger and improving communities at https://www.marysmeals.ca.
People.  Purpose. Profit

At The Good Kiind, we are committed to donating a minimum of 2% of revenue (regardless of profits or losses) on a recurring annual basis, through our global giving partner Mary's Meals.


B Corp Certified