PreOrder: Fall 2023

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Wednesday, December 13


We have shipped out all but about 50 orders that have some back end issues (out of stock, shipping location error, etc). If you are not seeing an update on your label, this is why and we will be reaching out to customers directly if needed but anticipate everything to OUT by EOD Thursday, December 14th.  Moving forward, you can expect any NEW orders to be OUT the door - SAME DAY until December 22, 2023.  

Our last day of shipping will be December 22 and we will resume shipping on January 3rd, 2024.  


We plan to create customer accounts for all customers moving forward.  Here you will be able to log in and see your eligible discount codes, etc.  Remember your cash cards expire at the end of 2024, so lots of time to use those up!


I can't thank you all again for your continued patience during this preOrder - I will never forget this - each and every one of you - I am FOREVER grateful for your support of my small business.





Monday, December 4th

Inventory has begun arriving - some items haven't come in yet but as they do, we are shipping out same day.  Nearly 1/2 of you have already received your fulfilment email notification - please note that it will be a couple more days as UPS will only pick up a certain number of orders per day.  Also, they are not scanning all orders upon pick up - just in the interest of time because they are picking up 50-100 at a time.  It will likely be a status change from Scanned to Out fro Delivery within a day or even an hour, haha.  Gotta love UPS and USPS during the holidays.  

Local Pick Ups - please watch for a READY FOR PICK UP email from us.

I can't thank you enough for your patience during this crazy preOrder - 900+ Orders in counting!!!!!


Courtney + The Good Kiind Team





Thursday, Nov. 30

Our shipment is moving from Vancouver and making its' way to Windsor, ON as we speak!  Delivery is scheduled for Friday, December 1st and we plan to get all shipments packed and ready for shipping as soon as Monday, Dec. 4th.  We should be completely caught up with fulfillment within a week.  I can't thank you all enough for your continued patience and support - this PreOrder has been hard to manage and our team has learned so much from the experience. Our small business is growing and we have YOU ALL to thank for that!!!!  I couldn't do it without YOU!



Monday, Nov. 27

Our shipment is in the air and making it's way to Canada as we speak!  We anticipate packing orders by the end of this week into early next week into early next week (there are nearly 800 so it will take a bit of time but we are READY!)
We can't thank you enough for your patience and be sure to use those cash cards and you have until Tuesday, Nov. 28th to add to your PreOrder shipment (using either cash card or Holiday20).

Your cash card + Holiday Promo's

Have a Cash Card from our fall PreOrder?
Unfortunately Shopify will not allow us to combine all 3 codes.  HOWEVER, here's what you can do:
- If you are looking to make a bigger purchase ($100+), I'd recommend using the HOLIDAY20 code with your ADDTOPREORDER shipping code because it will give you the biggest savings.  Then you still have your cash to use at a later date. #winning
Code Combinations for PreOrders
If you are just adding a couple accessories (close to the amount of your cash card) you should use the cash card code and combine with your ADDTOPREORDER shipping code and you are good to go!!!
Code Combinations for PreOrders
Cash Card Code
Holiday Promo is 20% OFF SITEWIDE with code: H O L I D A Y 2 0
Pre Order Update: Friday, November 17
Cash Cards emailed to customers with PreOrders.
Cash Card Email
Pre Order Update: Wednesday, November 15
HeeeeLLo, Friends!
I just wanted to share an update on the status of our shipment.  Our Third Party Agency has finalized inspections and cleared the order for shipment (to a founder this is like holiday spirit feels - WAHOO!!!). The shipment is expected to leave our factory by air by Friday, November 17th and arrive within 7-10 days.  Our little team has already prepped shipments and will be able to ship all 600+ preOrders out within 48hrs of arrival to our location.  
As promised, those who purchased PRIOR to the PreOrder sale of 15% off will receive a FREE stainless steel spork with each lunch box in your order. This equates to the 15% off value that was offered in October.  Additionally, ALL PreOrders will be receiving cash cards ranging from $20-$50 to use toward a future purchase from The Good Kiind.  Cash card emails with further details will also go out in the next 24hrs.  
Again, your continued patience means the world to us.  I promise, it will have been worth the wait!!!
Courtney + The Good Kiind Team
Update: Monday, November 6
Oh, hello kiind friend,
I want to start by saying a HUGE THANK YOU to all of you for placing a PreOrder with The Good Kiind throughout the last couple months.  After selling out of inventory that was intended to last through the end of the year, this was our FIRST ever PreOrder launch and it's been a super exciting yet very stressful experience.  As a young brand, these are the moments that can really make or break a business and I am so grateful for your continued patience and support as we navigate this project.  Our order has not even arrived and it is 3/4 sold out as we head into a VERY busy season ahead! 
I have YOU all to THANK for this!!!
While we just had our two year anniversary in July, The Good Kiind is still a small, boot-strapped, start-up working hard to manufacture premium stainless steel products along side some of the biggest brands in our space.  Like most brands, we work with contract manufacturers who also produce products for other (often much larger) brands - which means, we are not the only sibling in the house, haha.  While this is great because these manufacturers have the experience and expertise in stainless steel that we need to create the BEST products for you, it also comes with challenges, especially around production line prioritization.  When we place our quarterly orders they range between $100-$200K of inventory at a time, which is no small chunk of change; however, we are also competing with brands (aka the other siblings in the house, LOL) that place orders 5X that amount.  As you can imagine, we tend to get pushed back in the manufacturing queue. And this is exactly what happened with our fall 2023 preorder.  While I realize it's just the name of the game in small business manufacturing, it still really SUCKS! 
So our first ever preorder project launched about 10 days later than planned (which is okay because we buffed in time for obstacles) but NOW we are told that there were issues with our new silicone mold (the tool used to create our liners) which has impacted the performance of the silicone thus we made the decision to recycle and re-producing the silicone seals to ensure they are just right.  So, while there is a plan in place to efficiently get this project complete, without compromising on our quality standards - it has also pushed us back from meeting our shipping targets.   
As a founder, I've had knots in my stomach since Thursday night when I found out that our order is now scheduled to ship from our manufacturer to us mid November - meaning you will not receive your order until the end of the month by the time we do landed inspections and get everything shipped out.     
As many of you know, we use a Third Party agency to conduct quality control audits on all parts of our process: from material quality, durability and functionality to ensuring compliancy with FDA safety standards for food conduct - it's very important to me that we never stop ensuring our partners continue to meet and comply to the standards we've set out in order to deliver safe products for your families.  However, it was suggested to us that we could skip this quality control step in the process for this order - which would cut a week off the timeline.  While tempting because I want to get your products to you ASAO, I said "NOT A CHANCE!"  Because the moment we start slacking on quality control standards, is the moment we begin to lose touch on the values we set out from day one of The Good Kiind: Do Good for ALL stakeholders and our #1 stakeholder is YOU!  Our customers and their families.  
So now what? 
Well, if you can be so kiind to hold on a little longer for our shipment to arrive, it would really mean the world to me and our growing business.  To be honest, it would mean saving the business from potentially being in a really bad position once this is all said and done.  
Those of you who are willing to hold off a little longer for your PreOrder - we've got some goodies in store for you!
Gift Card amounts will be issued based on the amount spent for your PreOrder:
          $20 Cash Card - PreOrder amounts up to $200
           $30 Cash Card - PreOrder amounts $201 - $300
           $40 Cash Card - PreOrder amounts $301 - $400
           $50 Cash Card - PreOrder amounts $401 - $500
Additionally, any order placed prior to the PreOrder sale will receive a1 X FREE Stainless Steel Spork for EACH lunch box in your order. 
If you've made it this far, THANK YOU for sticking around!  It took me a few days to figure out how we were going to make this right with our amazing customers and we hope this works for you and you are willing to wait it out with us a couple more weeks.  If this does not work and you prefer we refund your order, we completely understand - no hard feelings.  Please email us at and provide your order number with your email.
Thank you all for your continued support and understanding - I couldn't do this without you! 
Founder + Chief Lunch Lady
The Good Kiind
Free Spork will be added to orders placed prior to the 15% PreOrder sale offer.  All PreOrders will be given the cash cards to use on our website with values between $20-$50.  These cash cards can be used ANYTIME even during promotion periods.  Cash cards will be emailed before PreOrders are shipped out. Cash cards are NOT transferable and can only be used at  Cash cards will expire December 31, 2024.  Any order placed during the PreOrder period but has already shipped, will not be given cash cards as you have already received your order.  Thank you for your understanding as we are trying to be as fair as possible, especially to those who have been waiting several weeks now.