We DO GOOD Stuff!

We ethically manufacture lunch box systems, snack bags, and other on-the-go mealtime essentials for school age children that DO GOOD!

we DO GOOD for Children around the world

by working with our global non profit partners to help remove the barriers preventing children from attending school daily - extreme hunger, leading to the inability to concentrate in the classroom is the #1 barrier preventing nearly 70M children from going to school.  We have partnered with a global giving organization to provide 1 MONTH of school meals for every lunch box sold. It's our goal to annually provide 1MILLION school meals to children around the world.  We have started with hunger but that is not the only barrier children face...we still have so much more work to do....

we DO GOOD for our Customers

by only offering safe, non toxic + high quality + functional products

we DO GOOD for the people who make them

by partnering with credible suppliers who are committed to ethical manufacturing practices + fair living wages for their workers

we DO GOOD for the planet we all share

by only using sustainable materials that are easily recycled 

We are not perfect, but we know where we can improve, and will continue to do so --- we hope you'll join us