our why


Each day, we have little opportunities to make better choices for the environment, the planet, and ultimately our health and well being.  Small changes like using reusable products, for example silicone bags instead of single use plastic bags, stainless or silicone straws instead of plastic straws, or carrying a quality reusable water bottle and refilling it regularly instead of purchasing plastic bottles from the store....these small things can truly make a staggering impact.

For our family, this is living The Good Kiind life.

Inspiring families to BE, raise, teach, and inspire to be the 'good kiind' of human who make the 'good kiind' of decisions, and live life the "good kiind" way is what we are all about.

Together, making a shift on our small daily habits will direct the narrative for the environmental-future of our children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren.  

We know new things take some getting use to but we love baby steps.
Join us in our mission to live The Good Kiind life.